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Please see below strategies and policies which are currently open for public consultation and explore past consultations and the relevant reports on public comments.

*Opening and closing times are based on the UK time zone (GMT).

May we also direct you towards the EBRD Green Cities news, events and publications website. Here you will find information on our Green Cities Action Plans (GCAP); with over € 1 billion in EBRD committed funds, the programme is operational in more than 20 cities and has mobilized over €250 million of investments to date.

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*Opening dates are tentative and subject to changes:

Name of consultations:Opening on:
Country Strategy for Lebanon TBC
Country Strategy for Morocco TBC

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Closed consultations

Name of consultations:Opened on:Closed on:
Country Strategy for Romania 10/02/2020 23/03/2020
Country Strategy for Tajikistan 19/12/2019 02/02/2020
Country Strategy for Albania 03/12/2019 17/01/2020
Country Strategy for Jordan 13/11/2019 28/12/2019
Country Strategy for Bulgaria 31/10/2019 08/12/2019

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