About Consultations

Country and Sector Strategies and Policies

The EBRD consults with a wide range of stakeholders, including civil society organisations, industry associations, academics, peer institutions, and the general public.

A broad spectrum of official documents, such as the good governance policies, sectoral strategies and country strategies, are made available for comment. The EBRD generally invites comments on the basis of an existing document or a draft paper/concept note, which is posted on the EBRD Consultation Hub in English and any local or official languages (as applicable) for 45 calendar days.

On an ad hoc basis the Bank organises consultation meetings with civil society. The Bank publishes summaries of the input received during public consultation periods in the Reports on Public Comments.

The EBRD’s Public Information Policy provides guidelines on how the EBRD discloses information and consults with the public. Among its performance requirements, the EBRD’s Environmental and Social Policy includes standards for EBRD clients’ performance on information disclosure and stakeholder engagement (PR10).

Consultations on projects

Project Summary Documents (PSDs) are available for all projects directly financed by the EBRD. For private sector projects, the PSDs will normally be released for public consultation for a period of at least 30 days, and for public sector projects for 60 days, prior to consideration of a project by the EBRD Board of Directors. Stakeholders are invited to provide their comments during that period.

For category A projects, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) look at the environmental and social impacts associated with the proposed project, and recommend measures to prevent, minimise and mitigate adverse impacts. ESIAs also identify environmental improvement opportunities. ESIAs are released for public consultation for 60 days for private and 120 days for public sector projects.