to the EBRD Consultation Hub 
Your opinion matters!

The EBRD and Civil Society

The EBRD invites civil society organisations (CSOs) and members of the public to present their views on our work. The Consultation Hub provides a platform for our stakeholders to comment on the EBRD’s proposed policies and strategies.

The EBRD’s management reviews all public comments received during public consultation periods and advises the Board of Directors accordingly. The Bank takes this feedback into account when shaping its assessments and decisions on policies and strategies, alongside comments from shareholder governments, clients and other interested parties. As a result, draft policies and strategies may be amended accordingly.

May we also direct you towards the EBRD Green Cities news, events and publications website. Here you will find information on our Green Cities Action Plans (GCAP); with over € 1 billion in EBRD committed funds, the programme is operational in more than 20 cities and has mobilized over €250 million of investments to date.